The gold coast of Guanacaste, Flamingo Beach, has more for you and your family

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Within a short drive from the house there are many public and private schools for all ages- including La Paz, CRIA, and Educarte. These accredited schools offer students similar curriculums, while some cater more to bi-lingual education.

Restaurants and Markets

Residents of the Flamingo area enjoy many options when it comes to food. Grocery stores ranging from Automercado (large chain grocery store that caters to US products, located in Tamarindo), to many Supers (Super Flamingo, Super Massai, for example) which offer a variety of different Costa Rican and Western goods.

Restaurants are varied here in Flamingo, offering a mixture of sea-inspired cuisine at Coco Loco, more upscale Angelina’s, to Italian at Camparino, and a newly emerging BBQ restaurant named Scooter’s, located in the old Mariner.




The Catholic religion holds a dear place in the hearts and minds of Ticos, and as such there are many churches in the area. There are also non-denomination churches such as the Beach Community Church in Brasilito. For more information on various faiths, please check the internet to see where those places of worship may be located.

Tours and Attractions

Certainly no shortage of tours and attractions in Flamingo! We are surrounded by plenty of beaches, and just a short drive away are National Parks, the rain forests, zip-lines and eco-adventure tours like Diamonte Eco Adventure Park. Rest assured there’s plenty to do and always something going on.